Bubble Bottles Podcast Trailer

Bubble Bottles Podcast Trailer

What’s your favorite carbonated beverage?

We ask music people that very question in each episode of Bubble Bottles podcast. From electric harp players pondering Cold War conspiracy theories behind Yoo-Hoo to jam bands with eleven different favorite flavors of LaCroix crammed in the van on tour, Bubble Bottles explores the fun, flavorful, and foul in our favorite — or “favorite” — carbonated beverages.  Whether you love the drink or can’t even look at the bottle because of broken hearts and bad decisions, we hope you find some new music to check out and have a good time.

New episodes launching late January 2022.

Sneak peeks, outtakes, and bonus episodes available now on Patreon.com/BubbleBottles.

DISCLAIMER:  These comedy episodes are for fun and are based solely on personal opinions of the host and/or guest, and do not claim to be fully factual or anything other than a belching good time.


Sloane Spencer: 

Well, hey, welcome to Bubble Bottles, where we talk with music people about their favorite carbonated beverages. I’m Sloane Spencer.

You might know me as the host of the long form conversation podcast called Country Fried Rock or the many decades of radio. In our new podcast, Bubble Bottles is here to achieve my secret life mission of turning you on to your new favorite band by asking the question, “What’s your favorite carbonated beverage?”

I have a personal deep abiding love for weird hyperlocal ginger ale and root beer, and I’ve had this conversation backstage with many, many musicians over the years, and the chats have actually been so fascinating, I felt like y’all should get in on it.

You can find us over on Patreon, we are Patreon dot com slash bubble bottles or our brand spanking new website, Bubble Bottles dot com. It’s fun to say, isn’t it?

I’ve got another brand new podcast, where I talk with music people about their favorite one hit wonder songs. It’s called One Hit History, you can find it in all the good places, including Patreon and One Hit History dot com. You want to find out my vibe? I suggest checking out some of our hundreds of past episodes of Country Fried Rock.

Go ahead and hit that subscribe button for Bubble Bottles. Lots more coming your way. Y’all come back now you hear?

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